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Therapy Program
Angels for Minis Therapy Programs are available solely 
because of community donations. Please help us keep 
our programs running by donating to Angels for Minis 
through Paypal or Go Fund.com.  Thank you!

Angels for Minis Therapy Program is designed to help children and young adults find their confidence and thrive in their individuality. This program is geared for children with mental, emotional or physical diversities, including but not limited to problems of mood, stress, anxiety, personality and life span obstacles. Participants enrolled in the program will be ranging from 3 to 19 years of age, but can be applied to adults as well. At Angels for Minis, we strive to help build our clients' strengths with individually tailored programs, aiding in building confidence and self-esteem, as well as their overall quality of life. 

Each therapy session is one-on-one with child and trainer; together with their four-legged partner who is hand picked based upon what we believe will be the most beneficial pairing. A daily session criterion with clients begins in the stall with the horse, grooming them and forming the unique animal-human bond that makes therapy so successful. From there, their individualized program will unfold, ranging from 30-60 minute sessions, depending on their needs. For example, a child battling an anxiety disorder would be taught visualization, along with marking the breathing pattern of their horse to help them regulate and take control of their bodies. 

This being a fairly new field, additional benefits are still being discovered. Equine-assisted therapy is beneficial because it has been found to increase concentration, improve sequential though processing, develop spatial awareness and orientation, expand self-esteem, awareness, self-discipline as well as the ability to articulate and understand emotions. The benefits of working with horses can also influence daily living skills, foster independence and consistently improve peer-to-peer and family relationships, resulting in increased socialization and participation both at home and in school.  

Today, any type of deviation from the perception of average or normal behavior often leads to a lack in self-confidence; but we are here to change that frame of mind as the child progresses through their program. We believe that using animal therapy will help children overcome their personal obstacles. Every individual is born with a gift, and sometimes it takes a warm, soft muzzle coupled with a special bond in order to help find it.